Within E.A. Tailby, operating in a responsible and sustainable manner is at the core of all operations. For this reason, where possible a completely closed loop recycling system is implemented. This includes how we manage waste material as well as ensuring all of the boxes we buy in for packaging are made from recycled cardboard.

Leather Waste

Inevitably when working with raw materials excess will be left over, however often not enough to turn into additional products. A common solution would be to dispose of this waste to landfill and as a result polluting the earth and taking up valuable space. For this reason instead of adding to landfill E.A. Tailby gathers its waste and bales it on site into shippable cubes. These cubes of waste leather are then sent away to an external company and turned into a new material called bonded leather board, similar to how MDF wood is made. The bonded leather is then bought back and made into new products, thus creating a closed loop cycle.


In addition to the waste, working with raw materials also generates a large amount of dust. In previous times this was extracted from the machines into large bags, which was then sent to landfill. However in an effort to maintain E.A. Tailby’s responsible position and introduce further closed loop systems, a leather briquetting machine has been installed. This briquetting machine takes all of the dust from the machines on the factory floor and converts it into leather dust briquettes. These briquettes can then be sent to fuel bio mass burners in the local area, again creating a closed loop cycle.